Albania's Has A News Anchor And She Is Pretty Sexy

I don’t know any Albanian but this most definitely gets my full attention. Albanian news anchor Greta Hoxha read the news all night long.

As you may have noticed, Greta forget most of her shirt at home. Which is kind of the norm on Albanian TV. A few months ago, 21-year old Enki Bracaj landed a job as a news anchor after showing up for an audition wearing a shirt that was barely there (video below). Unfortunately for anyone who watched the Albanian news station Zjarrr TV, Bracaj was recently fired for appearing in Playboy.

Instead of going for a more conservative news anchor, Zjarrr TV decided to hire Greta Hoxha, who is also willing to read the news while basically nude. God bless Albania.

But neither of those anchors compare to Yanet Garcia – the hottest news anchor in all of Mexico.

yanet garcia news anchor 8 - Albania's Has A News Anchor And She Is Pretty Sexy


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