Rediscovered Photos Of The 70s Hollywood Skate Scene

Hugh Holland is a photographer who captured the skate scene in Los Angeles in the 1970′s. Over three years, he took a ton of photos, chronicalling the skating’s evolution from its roots of ’unruly after-school activity’ to a fully fledged sport. He captured the images both on the street and at professional competitions. The photos which work to document the very origins of skate culture were sitting in a crate at his house for many years, but just recently went on display at Blender Gallery in Sydney, Australia. He noted in a recent interview with i-D:

“Skateboarding was happening in many places, but not like in California. To me, it seemed like this was the center of everything.”

Head over to i-D for the full interview with Hugh Holland.

1970s hollywood skate photography 06 - Rediscovered Photos Of The 70s Hollywood Skate Scene

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