Converse Cons Star Tour

This trip was merely the catalyst for Converse’s One Star World Tour promoting the reborn classic skate shoe, and what better way to kick off a world tour than to start it right at home with the entire team? Hitting the road from Atlanta to Chicago in the dead heat of August, the crew’s demo schedule was so relentless it looked as if there wouldn’t be a second to street skate, but the Converse roster has all bases covered, so it’s really no surprise that the tricks flowed like cold beer at a summer barbecue. From Jason Jessee to Kenny Anderson to Louie Lopez, there isn’t one person on the team who isn’t a true skate rat. And between two photographers and three filmers, we could still barely keep up. With the U.S. under their belt, the team still has Europe, Asia, and South America to go, so chances are you’ll see them in your town.

zered bassett switch kickflip 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Zered Bassett blasts a switch flip up to his feet and clears this bump to orange bin with room to spare.

aaron herrington frontside 50 50 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

That patch of grass on the landing didn’t stop Aaron Herrington from rolling away from this rail.

“I never thought in my life that I’d get to travel with Jason Jessee or Zered Bassett. I grew up watching Zered’s video parts and putting his pictures on my wall. It’s extremely rad to be in this
—Aaron Herrington

sean pablo kickflip over rail into bank 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Sean Pablo stopped counting the amount of stairs at this spot and decided to kickflip over the rail into the long bank next to them instead.

louie lopez frontside tailslide 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Finding this spot must have felt like discovering some ancient fossils or a forgotten city, knowing it’s a unique gem of its own. Natural hubba into bank is one of those finds. Forgotten and undisturbed until Louie Lopez came and gave her a frontside tailslide into the bank.

sammy baca ollie into bank 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Cat-and-mouse chase. One mistake can mean a high-speed cat landing right on his prey. Sammy Baca makes no mistakes and ollies this gap into bank with Don Nguyen on his tail.

“I grew up with my grandpa always wearing Converse. He actually wore the One Star, so it’s pretty cool to be skating in them.”—Mike Anderson

mike anderson method air 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

I’m not sure what’s more amazing about this giant method? Is it the amount of air Mike blasted, or just how sick Mike’s style looks? A good healthy balance of both makes it gnar.

“The crowds were all epic. It’s rad to see skateboarders see other skateboarders that they look up to because it’s so pure. I was the same way, still the same way, you’re just like, ‘Fuck yes!’ when you see these guys roll by.—Jason Jessee

aaron herrington fastplant 600x400 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Upon arriving to this bump to bar, there was a work truck parked in the landing. When the driver came out to unload it, some bargaining occurred between him and the Converse team to move the truck. The driver walked away with a brand-new pair of Converse One Stars, and Aaron Herrington rode away from this fastplant. Fair trade, I’d say.

jason jessee invert 438x600 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Jason Jessee strictly starts every morning with some fresh juice, wheatgrass shots, ginger, and other natural forms of energy. It seems to work, because Jason’s inverts are as organic as his skateboarding.

“I was the designated camera-bag watcher just sitting in the grass, and I missed Jason Jessee killing it in the bowl. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I missed it.”—Ben Raemers

ben raemers method air 600x600 - Converse Cons Star Tour

On this scorching-hot ATL day, Ben Raemers decides to cool off with some natural air conditioning. Catching a breeze with a lofty backside melon from the hip.

“I’m so new to skating demos and signings, so it’s a little weird. But the best part is that some kids really don’t like you—and I think that’s so sick. They’ll ask Zered for his autograph and then look at me like, ‘Fuck you.’”—Sage Elsesser

sage elsesser frontside smith 600x373 - Converse Cons Star Tour

Wallrides for days at this classic underground Minneapolis spot.  But getting to the top of this wall probably doesn’t happen too often. Sage Elsesser ollies up to frontside Smith bash the top and rides back into the wall.


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