Leica Drops Water and Shockproof Camera

The problem with portable technology is that the more you carry it around, the bigger a chance you have of dropping it on the ground (or over the side of a boat) and rendering it utterly useless. Usually this is completely in the manufacturer’s interest because it forces you into buying another one of their products, but camera maker Leica have decided to be selfless and create a waterproof and shockproof camera.

The durable X-U Typ 113 is waterproof up to 49-feet and shockproof to falls of four feet high. Not only that, but it’s dustproof as well and its internal components are so well protected that you can take photos underwater. Its durability stems from its plastic core body which is reinforced with aluminum covers and a rubber exterior.

Leica’s heavy-wearing X-U Typ 113 is available now for $2,950.

leica waterproof shockproof camera 01 - Leica Drops Water and Shockproof Camera

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