Jersey Champs CEO, Sean Kelly Talks What’s Next With The Brand

We spoke to Sean Kelly, CEO of Jersey Champs to see what’s new with Jersey Champs.

Launched in 2016, Jersey Champs fuses the worlds of sports and hip hop with custom made Jerseys. Being co-signed by popular acts such as Logic, 21 Savage, Meek Mill and more, they have built up a strong brand and following on social media. In a interview we talked about their brand’s origins, what’s next for Jersey Champs, and more.

What inspired you guys to blend hip hop and sport jerseys together?

Sean: The two markets always related to each other. Hip hop artists have a lot of friends in the pro athlete world and vice versa. Combining them only seemed to make sense.
Tell us about Jersey Champ’s origins, how did it all start?

Sean: Jersey Champs started in a college dorm room at Rutgers University. The idea was brought up and I knew I had to take action on it immediately. I stayed up all night thinking about the potential.

What does the mean?

Sean: It means that you can literally start your own business wherever you are on whatever budget you have. I only invested $1,200 into Jersey Champs and that has turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars now.

In your own words, describe Jersey Champ’s aesthetic.

Sean: Jerseys that make you stand out from the crowd. No other jerseys will make you stand out like ours do because we feature unique designs on the jerseys.

What about the core of the brand? Is there a particular mission or goal?

Sean: Our mission is to provide affordable jerseys where people can express themselves. It’s ridiculous how regular jerseys cost over 100 dollars. We never sell ours for more than $50.

What has the response been like from the streetwear community?

Sean:  We are not really in the streetwear community yet, but would love to enter into that field.

What’s the biggest artist that sponsored you?

Sean:  Logic got a jersey from us which was pretty major. 21 Savage also reached out to us for a jersey.

What can we expect from Jersey Champs in the future?

Sean: We will be collaborating with some big names on some really cool Jerseys. Migos recently reached out to us for Culture Jerseys and we may be releasing these to the public

View some of their work below and be sure to check out the website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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