Derrick Rose Leaves Cleveland Cavaliers, Debates Future In The NBA

Since Wednesday, Derrick Rose has left Cleveland to take stock of US career. Tired of being injured, the former Bulls and Knicks leader asked to step back, not ruling out his retirement. According to ESPN , NBA execs have fully accepted the situation, and they are in contact with the player pending his decision.

Injured  in late October in contact with Greg Monroe , Derrick Rose has missed the last eight games of Cleveland, and the staff had announced early last week that he would return earliest, early December.

“No matter what he decides, we want the best for him,” Saturday’s King responded to  ESPN . “In the end, we can not replace happiness. Whether he comes back or not, we want the man, the father, to be happy with the decision he has made. We all know his history with injuries. We hope that his career is not over but if it is, then I will have the opportunity to spend a few months with him, to see the great playmaker he has been. “
Stay tuned for more updates.

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