Formula 1 Reveals New Logo

Formula 1 introduces a new logo to replace the old logo that has been used for 23 years.

The new logo was officially introduced to the public for the first time on the podium of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, closing race of the 2017 season.

F1 marketing chief, Ellie Norman, revealed that the new logo design of the world’s largest automotive sport is inspired by two cars on the circuit that are fighting towards the finish line.

“The inspiration is the low profile form of the car, the two cars cross the finish line,” said Norman.

“The logo is incredibly bold and simple – so if we apply it in today’s mobile and digital based marketplace, our logo has more flexibility and can be used anywhere.”

Although the old logo of F1 became legendary because of the number ‘1’ hidden in the middle of the logo, F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches explained that it is too vague for many people.

“The old logo has represented F1 very well in the last 23 years, but in terms of direction and our vision for this business, the negative space on the ‘1’ does not appear clearly on the digital platform.

“If we had a poll about people I had met and discussed the old logo ever since I came here (after Liberty Media bought F1), many of them spent years without understanding the unseen void between the left and right is actually the number ‘1’.

“So we want to make the logo simple and clear. That’s important for digital space, “lids Bratches.

F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches explains that a new logo is needed because the old design is not suitable for modern digital platforms or merchandise.

Bratches also added that F1 should take the example of world famous brands that simplify their logo form in the digital age.

“You can not sew the right part of the old logo,” says Bratches. “See Starbucks, or Coca Cola that has removed condensation from their logos to get into the digital age.”

The new logo will also be part of the massive relaunch of the F1 brand to be held at the Australian GP, ​​the 2018 season opening round.

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