Sarah Andelman, Co-Founder Of colette, Explains What A Good Collaboration Is

” You can not do collaboration just for buzz or money. The result must be something impossible to do alone, which brings together the know-how of both parties. “This is how the number 2 of the Paris concept store defines the term of collaboration. Created in 1997, the store quickly distinguished itself by this desire to create diverse and varied pieces. At the time, the young director still dared to ask for pieces in different colors, or sometimes slightly modified, because more beautiful in its meaning.

Modest in her role, Sarah Andelman will immediately call on ” real creators ” to work collaborations. Seeking a true creation, and not simply imposing a logo on an existing piece, the French store will quickly surround itself with a pleiade of artists of all horizons. The first collaboration in this line dates from 2005 with adidas, where Claude Closky, visual artist, comes to affix coarse marks of marker on the three iconic bands.

Closky My adidas inside - Sarah Andelman, Co-Founder Of colette, Explains What A Good Collaboration Is

A true bridge between different backgrounds, colette also likes to associate haute couture designers with streetwear brands. In 2004, for her pop-up with Comme Des Garçons, she gathered the famous Raf Simons and Vans on a model Slip On succeeded. For Sarah Andelman, the success of a collaboration also goes by its surprising side: ” Each project must be different, in short, a clever mix between its creative identity and the creation without limit “. A philosophy that the shop, gradually becoming a brand, had fun to decline with collaborations between Playboy and Hello Kitty, or through his work with Pharrell Williams.

Less than a month after the closure of her Parisian store , the co-founder of the “cool Parisian” brand is back on her vision of fashion today. ” Young people today make little difference between brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton, which was not the case 10 years ago, the collaborations allowed to merge these two worlds “. It also seems, according to her, that these collaborations are more in the interest of luxury brands, which must find a way to survive in our time.

Finally, after 20 years of creations and avant-gardism, we can feel a touch of melancholy in the words of Sarah Andelman, who says he is proud that colette has always reinvented the collaboration, not only in textiles, but by going further and pushing the boundaries of collaboration, even revisiting cars (Aston Martin, Smart) or drinks (Evian, Coca-Cola). She concludes her letter with what may remain a fine motto and a warning to all professionals and amateurs in the field: ” Collaborations are everywhere “.

coletteastonmartin - Sarah Andelman, Co-Founder Of colette, Explains What A Good Collaboration Is

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