Kellog’s Is Making A Super Mario Cereal

Nintendo and the food brand Kellogs, seem to have reached an agreement to launch some cereals based on Super Mario and the surprising this is that the cereal boxes come with an amiibo.

Super Mario Cereal is the name of the cereal a and thanks to  Cerealously we know the image of the box. With the cereal we see oat stars with marshmallows fashioned after Mario staples like power mushrooms and “?” blocks. However, there’s a good reason for die-hard Nintendo fans to give this cereal a try, as at least of the some of the boxes act as amiibo. While you won’t be getting a new amiibo figure just by purchasing a box of cereal, you can scan an NFC sticker inside the box to get certain bonuses in Super Mario Odyssey.

As of now, there’s no release information confirmed by Nintendo or Kellogs but the cereal is already in Target’s system, but stay tuned for more updates.


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