Conoc McGregor May Be In Trouble With The Irish Mafia

This improbable rumor comes straight from the very serious Irish Independent, who reports that Conor McGregor struck the father of a member of one of Ireland’s most influential mafia clans. The daily explains that a man in his fifties would have interposed to stop the beginning of a fight between McGregor and a younger man. In the heat of the moment, the fiftieth would have received a violent blow to the face from The Notorious. Except that this banal bar fight could have much more serious consequences. As the Irish Independent and other media explain, several witnesses confirm that the man who received a coup would be the father of Graham “The Wig” Whelan, one of the chiefs of the Kinahan clan, a dreaded mafia in all of Ireland.

The 35-year-old Graham Whelan is not known to be a lout when it comes to his family and according to The Irish Sun, he has already demanded that Conor McGregor make a payment of € 900,000 for him. excuse his gesture. A police source confirms that the MMA star must be on guard: “The son of the man who was beaten is extremely violent and dangerous, he has a lot of connections and he is very respected within the Kinahan family.”  Conor McGregor seems to have put himself in a situation that is, to say the least, uncomfortable. For his safety and that of his family, we can only advise him to quickly settle this story to say the least.

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