Intel and Warner Bros. Want to Beam Advertisements into Future Self-Driving Cars

Intel continues to focus its efforts on the development of autonomous cars. After the company acquired the technology of Mobileye , the new bet has come from the hand of Warner Bros. for entertainment in autonomous vehicles.

When autonomous cars start to be common in the streets, we will become drivers or passengers. At the Auto Show held on Wednesday, November 29, in Los Angeles, Brian Krzanich, executive director of Intel, asked: “How will future passengers spend their time in cars without a driver , watching ‘Justice League’?” .

This was the way to announce the partnership between the two companies with the aim of explaining how to integrate movies, games or television programs owned by Warner Bros. in the autonomous technology of Intel .

The project will be called AV Entertainment Experience and will provide passengers with not only the option to view any content in the car, but also to have immersive experiences with virtual reality and augmented reality . “For example, a fan of the superhero Batman could enjoy traveling in the Batmobile through the streets of the city of Gotham,” Krzanich said in a statement, adding:

We have barely scratched the surface when thinking about how the cars will be designed, the interaction between the passengers and how they will spend their time while they are in the car and not driving.

This new concept of entertainment will be tested in the fleet of one hundred vehicles within the alliance between Intel and Mobileye. The chip company is working on its autonomous car technology, which aims to integrate safety, comfort and leisure after the agreement with Warner Bros. To achieve its objectives, Intel highlighted the need for 5G connections in vehicles for the amount of data that should be transferred to the cloud.

Brian Krzanich has described autonomous cars as “the resurgence of the auto industry” and said the company continues to work with lawmakers to shed more light on the safety and needs of these cars. Although the possibilities of entertainment within these vehicles are a great bet, the biggest challenge is to get people to trust autonomous technology .

The final arrival of the vehicles without driver can still take, but every day the new advances are shown. Beyond security, alliances such as Intel and Warner Bros. promise a great experience within autonomous driving .

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