Watch Drake Interview Kyle Lowry After A Raptors Game

Toronto rap mogul Drake is certainly comfortable in front of a microphone, so he was up to the task of doing a sideline reporter’s job after Wednesday night’s Hornets-Raptors game at Air Canada Centre was in the books.

Drake took over the reporter’s postgame interview with Kyle Lowry, who dropped 36 points on a 12-of-18 shooting performance, which was easily his best of the season so far.

Lowry seemed to be very amused by Drake interviewing him, which is understandable, given the questions he was asked. The rapper had some hard-hitting questions for the Raptors guard, and began by asking him what prompted him to turn in such a strong performance in the game. Drake then followed that up by asking why Lowry had his jersey tucked in in the front, but hanging out in the back.

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