Christopher Nolan Thinks DC Is Rushing ‘Batman’ Films

Christopher Nolan started his Batman trilogy  with  Batman Begins in 2006, which continued with the hit  The Dark Knight  in 2008 and closed with  The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn  in 2012.

As revealed by Nolan in an interview for  THR , this space of two and four years between films is a privilege that not many can have. For example, Ben Affleck has had to give life to Batman three times in less than two years ( Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice ,  Suicide Squad and  Justice League ), something that causes fatigue in the viewer, increases the pressure and reduces the creative capacity.

“It is a privilege and a luxury that directors can not have anymore. I think it was the last time anyone could say to a studio, ‘I could do another, but it will be our years from now’. There’s too much pressure on premiere agendas to let people do that now, but creatively it’s a huge advantage. We had the privilege and the advantage of developing as people and as storytellers and then bringing the big family together again.”

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