A Fan Has Created A Free Video Game About Drake’s Life

Available for free on Mac and PC, this creation by the mysterious developer-rapper Ya Boy Sprightly invites you to relive the greatest beefs of the Drake career. Based on humorous dialogues, gently parodying the conflicts between rappers and their sometimes explosive personalities, The Legend Of Drake – Rise Of The 6 God is above all a superb tribute to the world of hip-hop and retro video games. You will meet Future and Lil B, in turn-based clashes, in the pure tradition of Gameboy games that have rocked everyone’s childhood.This ambitious project took Ya Boy Sprightly 500 hours of work, who also delivered a message via his video game. By launching the application, users have the opportunity to read a message calling for greater social equality in the United States, especially vis-à-vis the African-American community. A beautiful message punctuated by a call for more justice for Meek Mill, recently imprisoned in shady circumstances. The Legend Of Drake – Rise Of The 6 God , by its form and content, is a total success that can only applaud.

The game is available for download at this address and its trailer is to discover below.

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