Here’s How To Increase Your Chances Copping The Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Online

There’s many way you can make a purchase from Supreme’s site but after filling out necessary delivery information the odds are a delivery man ringing your door days/weeks after is very low. Before Supreme drops their highly aniticpated Supreme box logo hoodies, here’s two tips on how to increase you chances on copping.

The autofill

No unnecessary wasted time, Autofill extension offers you from any browser to save your shipping and payment information, so you do not have to fill in the fields at the crucial moment. And if you use Safari, even simpler, since the tool is directly integrated under the name of “automatic form filling”.

How to configure it? Nothing more simple, go to the Supreme site, simulate the purchase of any object still available, up to the stage of delivery and payment information. Fill in the fields, and when they have been completed, activate your extension and ask Autofill to memorize them.

Quit and simulate a new purchase, magic, your information appear by itself, you just have to add the hoodie tomorrow to your cart before confirming the order. Of course, prefer the use of the credit card, since the opening of PayPal will make you lose some precious seconds.

Example :

Capture d’écran 2017 12 06 à 18.35.24 - Here's How To Increase Your Chances Copping The Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Online
Advantage : Free

Disadvantage : Chances lower than bots

The bot

You have already heard about it and know that these computer programs, contraction of “robots”, will be your best allies over the seasons, often very reliable and significantly more profitable than ATC. But which one to choose? All generally offer a panel of similar features, so take the most suitable to your means and your equipment (computer or smartphone).

With them nothing more simple, follow the instructions provided during their acquisition and configure them as you please. Prepare your bot in advance or throw it at the last moment and watch carefully. If your internet connection is optimal and the information has been correctly entered, you will receive your order confirmation within the next few minutes.

Example : Heated Sneaks, SuperCop Pro, Taskbot, Slayer

Advantage : Allows you to get several items each week of the season / chances higher than the autofil

Disadvantage : The investment of the bot

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