Big Sean & Metro Boomin’s ‘Double Or Nothing’: Review

The night when Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s ‘Double or Nothing’ dropped it came with jokes and many negative reviews on the project, many people had bad reception expecting it to be more.This collaboration album mirrors Dark Sky Paradise in a way but as a continuation of I Decided, Big Sean burns and reincarnates as Sean Don and there’s a big difference. Jhene has put this nigga on meditation, incense and saged that dick down and Sean Don is cleansed, talking BIG SHIT.

Top songs: Go Legend, Big Bidness, So Good, In Tune, Reason, Pull Up N Wreck
Slept on tracks: Who’s Stopping Me, Even the Odds, No Hearts, No Love

As I re-listened to the album, I felt very sad for the Detroit rapper because it’s clear he has been going through some things. What things? I couldn’t tell you because he’s been ducked off and laying low, not letting us in. From his lyrics, you can sense the self-doubts he has been feeling in his career and I can understand why because Big Sean has never been respected as a prominent rapper among his peers since he came out. It has become easier to clown him for corny bars or being offbeat at times but those are minor flaws. If he wanted to change these things he would but they have become a signature style for him. It seems to me that people aren’t really LISTENING to him. I think he sums up the problem well in his verse on Reason: “I think these boys don’t like me, want to fight me but they don’t talk to my face like they do on IG. I guess it bring the best out of me when they doubt me”. This is a strong album. The beats he got from Metro really compliment him and does not sound like he’s trying to be something he’s not, which is great because I’m not focused on the production because it’s a Metro produced one but because Big Sean does the instrumentals justice.

The album is called Double or Nothing but Sean doesn’t weigh you down with a bunch of tracks. Keeping it short with 10 songs, Sean Don clears the air and says fuck you to those who don’t see how much of a beast he is. I’ve always wanted a project from him that displays back to back hits (which I know he can do) but maybe it’d be too easy for him. He has a niche for making “it” songs  but he makes sure they do not oversaturate his image and what he’s really trying to showcase about his skills. Most people took to So Good immediately because it’s catchy, likeable and sexual. Him and Kash Doll had my ass shaking.

He could have produced similar tracks in that direction but he doesn’t because it’s not what he wants you to focus on. Go Legend and Big Bidness are exhilarating vent songs that has Sean telling you how he doesn’t give a fuck anymore, he knows he’s the shit. He adds a lot of flavor to the Narcos-esque Who’s Stopping Me and he and 21 Savage deliver a hit with Pull Up N Wreck. Double or Nothing gets deeper as it progresses with Savage Time, In Tune, Even the Odds, Reason and the closer No Hearts, No Love because they hold a chunk of Sean speaking his mind about his self, success, love, public issues and more. This album is a personal self care soundtrack for Sean Don and I love it and want to understand it more. I know Sean Don said “no more interviews” but I gotta know what the fuck is up. Swear I’m goin’ every second, so I keep good weed, good vibes, good crystals. Lavender eucalyptus, mixing it with the incense just to relieve my tension. Whatever demons Big Sean has been fighting, he has found and made peace. He mentions a lot of things regarding good energy, chakras, love, crystals and it’s clear Jhene has helped him grow internally and has become a valuable source in his writing. I feel like he’s someone new and I want to see him wreck 2018. This is the last call and I think rappers need to watch their necks for the new season.

Stream ‘Double or Nothing’ below ,if you haven’t’ already.

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