This Episode Of ‘Black Mirror’ Is Coming True In China

Black Mirror is one of the most original series of the moment. The dystopiashows the darker side of technology and how it affects our lives, with a focus futuristic and science fiction is not an obstacle for us to see our societyreflected in it.

The British series began in 2011 on Channel 4, British channel, with two seasons of three episodes each. After a special Christmas , the series was bought and renewed by Netflix , with twelve extra episodes issued between 2016 and 2017.

This Christmas, specifically on December 29 , we can enjoy the fourth season that has already been announced by the digital platform.

What if an algorithm classifies us socially?

This is the approach of Nosedive ( Downhill ), the first chapter of the third season. In it, we saw what a society would be like in which each person was valued by the rest based on their behavior, both in real life and through social networks.

This score, which ranged from 1 to 5, had a direct influence on your life and created new ways of classifying citizens in different social strata .

In Black Mirror it affected practically all aspects of your life, from accessing a job, to buying a home, renting or accessing a certain service or promoting socially. A fake world with Instagram filter in which only appearances matter.

Social control

These ideas have nothing innocent, they hide an ideological and control substrate, and they have already been developed in the business world by different companies (some Spanish ones), as explained by the journalist Antonio Maestre in this interesting analysis in the magazine La Marea .

While twentieth-century dystopias (the case of George Orwell’s’ 1984 work) posed the State as the main repressive agent for the experiences of the Nazi-Fascist dictatorships and the drift of the Soviet Union towards an authoritarian regime, in the The greatest fear is represented by the power of technology as well as the concentration of technology in the hands of a few companies, most of them based in Silicon Valley .

Even so, one can not underestimate the capacity of a State to subjugate its citizens through technology or any other instrument that could serve as an axis of domination . And less if it has the territorial extension and the economic power of the People’s Republic of China .

Under the Credit Supervision program , the East Asian country aims to create a scoring system for its inhabitants based on a database with citizen information.

This program would be aimed at labeling them as reliable or unreliable people, from ‘model’ citizens to second or third class citizens.

What would you control?

Well, practically any information that has to do with your physical and legal person . Data on whether you are up to date in your payments with public and private administrations, if you have committed fraud or crimes, what you buy in physical or online stores , traffic tickets, files opened by the Police, bank details …

The set of these data would be different factors that an algorithm would calculate a single score , which would represent the reliability of a particular person.

As in the Black Mirror chapter, a high level of reliability would give advantages, while a low level would entail penalties. The beneficiaries would have advantages when it comes to accessing medical care, requiring public services or buying in stores, while the injured would see their rights restricted.

At the moment, the project only consists of a draft, but some sources agree that the Chinese government could put it into practice after 2020 , with several companies immersed in this new experiment in social control . A dystopian nightmare that would end the principle of equality between citizens.

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