Kobe Bryant Picks LeBron James As His Dream Team Mate

During tomorrow’s game (December 18th) where the  Golden State Warriors face of the Los Angeles Lakers, they will retire Kobe Bryant’s 8 and 24 jersey numbers to follow though of Bryant’s retirement from April of last year.

Kobe Bryant cemented 20 years with the Lakers, winning 5 title, one MVP award and scoring more than 33, 500 points. During a recent podcast of Holding Court with Geno Auriemma, Bryant reveals to Matthew Moreno that LeBron James is/was his dream teammate. His reasoning:

“He’s a passer first, I’m a scorer, I’m a finisher. ‘Bron is a facilitator by nature and I’m a finisher by nature. Those two styles, I think complement each other extremely well.”


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