BAPE Reveals A Double Hooded Version Of It’s Iconic Shark Hoodie

The shark model from A Bathing Ape remains one of the most iconic pieces of streetwear. There are countless collaborations or other colorful variations of the fully zippable jacket. It is the structure that is brought to change in this restyling.

The Shark Full Zip Double Hoodie, features as its name suggests 2 different hoods. The first taking the color of the room and the second inside is stamped with the iconic camouflage of the brand. Aficionados of the Japanese brand have been practicing for a while this double hood technique, by superimposing two models sharks the results were more or less successful. Probably an inspiration for BAPE, which responds to a public demand. It will be available in 3 colors black, red and navy blue.

This double hooded shark hoodie is already available online and at brand stores for $ 328.

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