Travis Scott & Quavo ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’: Review

Its here. Its finally here. One of the most anticipated projects of the year, has finally been gift wrapped with a pretty bow and nestled underneath the tree, just in time for Christmas morning.

This collaborative project features high energy touring, Cactus Jack Records owner Travis Scott matched perfectly with, one part of Migos, and Quality Control artist Quavo. This is a  balanced powerhouse of a duo, that flat out just works. These two were ripped from the same cloth when creating and delivering this project to the masses. You can feel it all around after you dive into this vibe they have brewed up. Especially having a stellar Fear and Loathing-esque theme and even landing famed Welsh artist Ralph Steadman to carry out an amazing album cover Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of.

This album comes out guns a blazin’ with a great track titled Modern Slavery. Quavo’s slick rhyme scheme delivers a crazy analogy I think we can all recognize and decipher. By pitting this comparison between diamond emblazoned jewelry most rappers have become accustom to adorning with the title of this track in particular. Except this time they are getting paid for it.

Moving along, we of course get to the album’s title track “Huncho Jack.” Being executive produced by legendary hip hop producer and technician Mike Dean, this Goosebumps sounding track destroys your ear drums in all the right places and ways.  With so many other honorable mentions we could shout out and give credit too, I did want to review my favorite track off of this album. This track being Dubai Shit. This track shines with the eerie vocals we yearn for, from Travis. While Quavo’s flow maneuvers precisely through the beat with catchy one liners we enjoy. This track also features the other rising star from the Migos, Offset. Hands down this will be my weekend go to jam this Holiday Season while on my way to each family’s house to drink, be merry, and of course get lit.

Overall you will not be disappointed with this project one bit. With Travis Scott prepping Astroworld, his next studio album, and Quavo finalizing with his Migos family Culture II, this next year is looking bright for not just them, but for our ears as well.

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