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Lil Wayne, Tunechi, Weezy F Baby the great one who we have long awaited has returned. The MC who has yet to disappoint with any project from the Dedication series has now dropped the 6th installment. The mixtape is available on apps like My Mixtapez, DatPiff and, my favorite, YouTube. In total, there are 15 songs in this project, six singles and 9 tracks with features coming from HoodyBaby, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Zoey Dollaz, Baby E, Cory Gunz and my favorite Euro. As always, Wayne has come back to take the throne by creating another classic tape using both borrowed and original beats. Be advised: I will decide which track was better Wayne’s or the original, and it’s solely my opinion.


FLY AWAY” is a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” off of Kendrick’s DAMN album. This was a great way to get a taste of exactly what Wayne was going to deliver. I’ve NEVER heard a Wayne song where he doesn’t bring the bars and wordplay. He keeps a steady flow and is able to stay on beat throughout the entire song. This is definitely a better remix than Kendrick’s.

Best Bars

Yeah we got A-M-M-O but you get beat like MMA

Hit the court, shoot the DA, treat beef like USDA

All the Gs in my corner, them boys so warriors

Everyday We Sick” is a remix of YFN LUCCI’S hit song “Everyday We Lit.” This was one of the more playful tracks. Wayne smacked you on this track bar-after-bar with no mercy. If we’re talking lyrically, Wayne bodied this track, but for a more “lit” experience YFN LUCCI takes the win.

Best Bars

I took a L. what comes after L? My n***a, M’s

The AK with the twins, that’s Mary Kate and sis

My shooters, they don’t miss, fade away then swish

Bank Account” is a remix of 21 Savage’s “Bank Account” off his ISSA album. The special part about Wayne is no matter what beat you put ahead of him he can dissect it and make his versions better. In this track, Wayne switches flows at just the right time to blend the whole track together as one. Wayne is no doubt going to take the win over 21, although it was kind of tough to choose. The disrespectful and clever wordplay gives Tunechi the edge.

Best Bars

Make you eat your words, make you chew your s*** 
Then we knockin out every tooth you pick

When you walk in you see he art and gold Grammys

That Exorcist told me my wifey is possessive

“Young” is a remix of G-Eazy single “No limit”, this is a beat which I believe Wayne did well but could have done so much better. I don’t even think it’s a bad song, but compared to the other tracks, the energy felt just a little off, and the bars aren’t as good as the other tracks. Even with the low bars and not as much hype I don’t think G-Eazy can ever match Wayne in his wildest dreams. Wayne takes another win home.

Best Bars

I get the money, spend the money, then I miss the money
But it come right back, right back, right back, that’s that Frisbee Money
That’s Santa climbing down the chimney money with the duffy

Suwu” is a remix of 6lack’s 2016 hit “PRBLMS”. Wayne sounded uncomfortable in this song. Even with the auto tune, it didn’t fit the song at all. This is my least favorite song on the projectand considering that he had the opportunity to body an artist on the beat of the track that made his career is disappointing. It almost seems like Wayne was on too many drugs making this one. 6LACK takes this one by a landslide and gives Wayne his first L.

Best Bars

I cross my heart, I wont cross you, damn

So easy to pick up and they so hard to put down
Gift and a curse

Yeezy Sneakers” is a remix of Kodak Blacks “Roll in Peace” feat. Xxxtentacion off Kodak’s Project baby 2 tape. I did no prior research and did not have the original beat, but it was a great way to close out the tape. Considering Wayne and Kodak have history you’d think this was his way of taking a shot at him. As soon as I heard the “Roll In Peace” beat I knew Wayne would body it. He kept up his flow and the beat simultaneously and, once again, bodied another rapper’s beat. Kodak says he’s the greatest rapper alive but gets bodied on his own beat.

Best Bars

Strap doves to a body and fly to me 
But you get to high to me

You cant even keep a secret
Why you have Victoria Secret


Boyz 2 Menace” feat. Gudda Gudda is a remix off of Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv Is Rage 2 Album song “For real.” Gudda absolutely walked in and gave it his all. He was outstanding on this track, and the transition was marvelous. Gudda ends his verse as the beat fades and then Wayne comes in with the lighter flick. This was brilliant, definitely one of the more organized tracks in terms of flow switching. For features we will only compare Wayne’s verse. There is no contest, any verse you hear the lighter flick is a win.

Best Bars

I know my worth so when you pay me, just know that I am not cheap

Lil Wayne
(*Lighter flick*)

Eureka” this is one of the only songs Wayne did not remix and brought HoodyBaby on the track to help. After giving you “Menace 2 Society” they slap you with this very fast-paced and catchy song. Wayne once again came in and just unleashed all his bars back-to-back, and by the time HoodyBaby gets on the track, he’s just there for moral support. Wayne clearly has the better verse between the two. HoodyBaby’s verse wasn’t bad but you cant expect to throw lyric-spraying in the first verse and then more of a New Orleans Style flow. Overall this song is a sleeper.

Best Bars

Lil Wayne
Cut your tongue off, leave you speechless

Kick her out in style, Balenciaga Sneakers

5 star” is a remix to Post Malone and 21 Savage’s 2017 Banger “Rockstar”. Personally, I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan, but to remix one of 2017’s best songs he brought Nicki. I could make a list of reasons why he should of made a different choice. Nicki had some glimpse of bars, but I have no doubt in my mind Lil Wayne gave her some tips. Overall, I would give this one to Post and 21, because although Wayne was better than both of them, Nicki did not bring enough to the table to dethrone the Kings of this banger.

Best Bars

Nicki Minaj:
I’m on my pivot though
I’m just so pivotal

Lil Wayne:
Act a jack*** like Steve-o 
Disappear like Ne-Yo

“XO Tour Life” is a remix of Lil Uzi’s huge hit single that took the charts by storm. Wayne brings a new face I have never heard of called Baby-E. Wayne impressed me because when I first played the tape I played this last. Listening to SUWU gave me a vibe I would not enjoy this track but I was obviously wrong. The versatility of Lil Wayne is insane, the feature was weak but Wayne bodies this. As for who won this one I would like to start a petition to change the name of the song to “XO TUNECHI LIFE”.

Best Bars

All my brothers G’s, take a guess at what the code is

Lil Wayne:
1,2,3 triple OG, at the T-O-P smoking P-O-T 
From the D-O-G to the G-O-D got O-C-D not yo’CD

“Let Em All In” is the remix to Dave East and Wiz Khalifa’s song “Phone Jumpin” off of East’s debut album Paranoia. I liked this feature selection the most, because Cory Gunz and Euro always bring some bars and adding Wayne is just the cherry on top. You can hardly understand Gunz because of his rap speed. Wayne…. Do I have to explain? This guy has some of the dopest metaphors, punchlines, and bars in the game. This has to go to Euro, Gunz, and Wayne mainly because Wiz really cant match any of the other three rappers.

Best Bars

Eyes dried up, I don’t really cry much 
And the gold chain match everything I touch

Cory Gunz:
Only in us we trust, you fuss we hush 
They Rush we bust, adjusting, dust and flashed ‘em

Lil Wayne:
The best things in life are free, not cheap, free C5

“New Freezer” is a remix of Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar’s collab “New Freezer” as Wayne brings in Gudda Gudda. Gudda brings so much energy to this track, and he blended so well with the beat. He went to work with some disrespectful bars. I can confidently say out of all the features this one was Wayne’s weakest verse. It was good, not great, but Gudda did just enough to convince me I want him and Wayne over Rich The Kid any day.

Best Bars

This is that D6 shout out to Drizzy in the 6
Mafia like it’s the 3-6

Lil Wayne:
I got money I ain’t see yet
They wan know why I aint blink yet

“WHATS NEXT” is an original song that featured Zoey Dollaz. Before the review, I would like to point out that, surprisingly, this duo was better than I thought and should definitely work together in the future. I wouldn’t go as far as saying a collaboration project, but we should see them together on C5 or D7. They have the similar flows, except Dollaz is a bit quicker. One thing is for certain: they delivered.

Best Bars

Lil Wayne: 
Tell my shooters to count me out and I end up doing the math

Zoey Dollaz:
Chris Paul, we load the rocket

“Blackin out” is a remix of the “Story Of OJ” beat from Jay-z’s album 4:44. Euro is the selected feature, and he never disappoints. My goodness Euro started this song and was slowly killing it when Wayne stepped and body-bagged it. This is my favorite featured song and second favorite overall on the tape. Euro came in and mostly talked his “ish”, but of course leave it up to Wayne to come deliver the bars and all the lyrical stuff we love. I like Jay-Z, but I don’t know a beat this duo can’t eat up.

Best Bars

They tryna’ build a wall, man my dogs gon’ hate that s***
And build underground railroads, so the Maybachs, yeah

Lil Wayne:
N****, O.J. on my wrist, n**** that’s Sunny D-Light

“My Dawg” remix of Lil Baby’s song “My Dawg”, and Wayne called for HoodyBaby to come help. I was very impressed with the way the vocals and verses were executed in this song. HoodyBaby killed the chorus. There isn’t much to say about this track. The biggest takeaway here is HoodyBaby doing a hook. Euro and Cory doing the first two verses and Wayne finishing it off would be dangerous. I want to call it a tie here. I couldn’t really decide, because Lil Baby did a great job, and so did Wayne.

Best Bars

Black and Yellow, treat me like I’m WIZ
Hustle in Atlanta like I’m TIP

Lil Wayne: 
Pull up on a boat like Columbus

Final Thoughts

This was one of Weezy’s best mixtapes, and I have a feeling this may be nothing compared to D6 part 2. To see Wayne dominate “XO TOUR LIFE”, but then do so poorly on SUWU was upsetting. “Rockstar” by Post and 21 is one of the biggest songs in the country and knowing the dynamic duo didn’t hop on was disappointing. Nicki was a poor choice, not to feature on the tape, but not the song. Drake and Wayne would have bodied that easily, similar to “HYFR.” The marketing and the blueprint used for this was extraordinary. This mixtape was well worth the wait.

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