Netflix Confirms “Bright” Sequel

will smiths netflix fantasy bright is getting a sequel 1 - Netflix Confirms "Bright" SequelBright, the Netflix fantasy moviestarring Will Smith, is the most watched movie in the streaming service . No wonder Netflix has commissioned a sequel.

However, screenwriter Max Landis is no longer on board, but director David Ayer will take over this part. As lead actress, Will Smith and Joel Edgertonreturn to modern day Los Angeles police where magic exists – as do orcs, fairies, elves and dragons. Problems between the different races play a role in the predecessor, while the heroes have to protect a powerful wand, which can only be used by the so-called “Bright”. At the end of the first film, some questions remained, which the second part could answer.

However, it is not yet clear what the sequel will be about. We hope to see more of the interesting world, which reminds us of Shadowrun . When Bright 2 will be seen on Netflix is still unclear.

In the mean read our review of Bright.

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