President Trump Will Be Attending A Kendrick Lamar Concert

1502301476 donald trump kendrick lamar - President Trump Will Be Attending A Kendrick Lamar Concert

In addition to its sporting interest for US football fans, the opposition between the universities of Alabama and Georgia will also be an opportunity for hip-hop fans to see Kendrick Lamar perform on stage at the show held at the half-time. Although much more popular than the NFL, the professional league, in many US states, college football is also visibly appreciated by Donald Trump, who has announced that he will attend the match next Monday. The sulphurous president will be present during the live performance of Kendrick Lamar, one of the leading figures of American  and fierce activism against the billionaire sitting in the White House.

One of Barack Obama’s favorite artists will perform on stage against Donald Trump, whom he has already attacked in his piece “The Heart Part 4″ in these terms: ” Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk? / Donald Trump is a fool, you know how it feels, punk? ”  Even though no information has been filtered for the moment about the content of Kendrick Lamar’s planned show for this final, we can only hope that the organizers do not censor the political content of the Compton rapper’s tracks

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