‘Rick & Morty’ Season 4 Won’t Be Coming Out Before 2019

rickmorty - 'Rick & Morty' Season 4 Won't Be Coming Out Before 2019

Unfortunately for them, it seems that it will take longer than expected between season 3 and season 4. In an interview on a podcast, Ryan Ridley, one of the writers of the series, has stated that no one started working on Season 4 to his knowledge while Season 3 was written more than 8 months before it was broadcast. If this timing is respected, it means that it will take longer to wait for its release.

Ryan Ridley went on to say, ” They are really taking their time. I did not really understand why everyone was not better organized, realizing the rest of the series faster. I do not understand. It does not make sense to me. I’m sure they all have their reasons. I know how long this show is to write, not to mention the animation. I would be very surprised if there is a new season broadcast before 2019 … end of 2019 itself. 

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