You May Be Soon Be Able To Prevent Your Old iPhone From Slowing Down

iphone6 - You May Be Soon Be Able To Prevent Your Old iPhone From Slowing Down

Last month, Apple admitted to purposely slowing down old iPhones when new models came out that caused an outrage among Apple users and a reported $999 Billion USD lawsuit. Now there might be an issue to fix the problem.

Interviewed yesterday by the American ABC channel, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that this controversial feature may soon be disabled by users of the phone, so they will no longer have to suffer the choice made by Apple to slow down their mobile: ” We will warn people that we are slowing down the performance of their phones so they do not go out all of a sudden while they have the battery left. If the user does not want that? He will only have to disable this option. We do not recommend doing this, because we think that iPhones are very important for their owners, but you can not know when they have an emergency to manage on their phone. ” 

After a terrible bad buzz, Apple has decided to backtrack. Tim Cook also said that the developers of the Cupertino firm were going to floor on new feature next month so that it is available as soon as possible for iPhone users.

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