Snoop Dogg Teaches Football In New Netflix Documentary Series “Coach Snoop”

coach snoop trailer watch 2018 e263325f 6ef1 4783 8759 a3d45c8c05e0 - Snoop Dogg Teaches Football In New Netflix Documentary Series "Coach Snoop"

Whether it’s the excellent drama series Friday Night Lights  or the Netflix documentary series, Last Chance U , American football has long been a prime inspiration for videographers. The upcoming release of Coach Snoop confirms this trend, adding a welcome touch of old-school hip-hop. Indeed, this new documentary series created by Netflix will focus on Snoop Dogg’s work with disadvantaged children he coaches in American football in the Snoop Youth Football League, an amateur championship created in 2005.

The trailer just revealed by Netflix lets us see a documentary series full of emotion and strong moments, as is often the case with this kind of program. Also be sure to shiver at some of Snoop Dogg’s motivational speeches, such as the one that can be heard in this trailer: “Music gave me the power to create this league. But American football makes me live experiences that music could never have made me live. Know one thing about life, you will lose far more often than you will win. The question is how will you recover? ” 

The series airs February 2nd and will consist of 8 episodes of Coach Snoop .

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