Apple Might Stop Producing The iPhone X

3q3a0859 - Apple Might Stop Producing The iPhone X

According to an informed AppleInsider, Apple is seriously considering ending the production of iPhone X in a few months. Author of this report, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains that the latest iPhone model is selling very poorly in China, despite a launch with great fanfare a few months ago. The reason for this commercial failure? Chinese consumers would not like the top of the phone screen at all, where the speaker and the front camera are. This design would give potential buyers the impression that the iPhone X has a smaller screen than the iPhone 8 Plus, Chinese consumers are fond of very large screens.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could stop the production of the first model of iPhone X next summer. If this information were to be confirmed, it would be the first time that the brand at the apple would put an end to the production of one of his phones released only a year ago. Apple fans can rest assured that the Cupertino company is already working on three new iPhone X models, including a Plus version, which will certainly delight consumers.


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