Hip Hop & Tattoos Are Now Banned On Chinese TV

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China’s General Administration of Press, Publishing, Broadcasting, Film and Television has just banned hip-hop from the country’s television. According to the Chinese website Sina, the Chinese media control body has simply banned programs in which appear “tattooed actors, hip-hop culture, counterculture, non-mainstream culture and decadent culture.”  This step worthy of 1984  did not fail to react the youth of the country, which expressed its great concern on the Chinese social network Weibo.

As reported by Time Magazine, the president of this body of control has established new rules very strict for audiovisual content now authorized in the Middle Kingdom, which no longer wants to appear media personalities “whose morality is not in agreement with the part of “ or ” whose image is bad, vulgar or obscene. ”  Several stars of the Chinese hip-hop scene have already been deprogrammed from programs in which they appeared, either because of their lyrics , their looks or tattoos they sport. The Chinese authorities are taking a worrying step with these new guidelines.

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