Black Panther Hitches A Ride On A Lexus For It’s Super Bowl Ad

fTUS9JrT - Black Panther Hitches A Ride On A Lexus For It's Super Bowl Ad

The extended spot of the Black Panther Lexus will be aired during a commercial break of the Super Bowl and presents some intense actions taken from the film along with some new clips that have been shot specifically for the spot. Strangely, the spot includes the music of Run the Jewels as opposed to Kendrick Lamar , who is curating the soundtrack.

The track, Legend Has It , has been used in previous TV commercials for Black Panther and could end up in the final soundtrack. Speaking of Kendrick Lamar, a new TV commercial has been published for Black Panther which presents a fragment of a new, unpublished song of the soundtrack.

Watch the ad below.

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