Migos “Culture II”: Review

migos culture ii cover - Migos "Culture II": Review

Last year was one of the best if not the best for the Migos. The hip hop trio scored multiple hits and award nominations with their second album Culture. Later in the year it was confirmed that they will following up their hit album with a Culture II with the track Motorsport featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B serving as the lead song.

Now Culture II is out now and Migos are hotter than ever. The 24 track album is filled with trap beats, drug lingo and sex all laced in your favourite adlibs with some autotune. Culture II is exactly what people want to hear and expect from the Migos. Migos understand this and consciously make the effort to please their target audience and stick to the same formula as their Grammy-nominated album Culture.

The issue with the album is that it might be simply too long for people. As seen on Chris Brown’s recently 45 track album Heartbreak of A Full Moon, some fans don’t want to sit through a lengthy album especially if it’s a trap album cause it may seem too repetitive. Culture II unfortunately makes this mistake and is full of filler albums that shouldn’t have made it to the final cut of the album such as tracks like: Crown the Kings, BBO, Flooded, Beast and Top Down. Personally, I think the track would be just perfect at 15 tracks and this review would be much different.

Now lets add his newly released 24 tracks to the recent project from their QC label Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1 that dropped just last month and then the 13 track Quavo and Travis Scott mixtape Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho that also dropped in December. A person could assume the ATL trio has oversaturated the market and should take a longer break before rushing the relase of this album. This approach is not new the the Southern Hip Hop scene with the best example being Gucci Mane that has been releasing numerous rushed projects.

After listening to the album in full, there are some obvious highlights and potential hits on Culture II. The South American inspired Narcos where the trio are clearly influenced by the Pablo Escobar Neflix series of the same name is a standout track purely for the fire verse delivered by Takeoff. In Narcos we see Takeoff arguably the underdog of the group finally getting his chance to shine. After listening to Narcos it would be ignorant to claim that Takeoff isn’t the best rapper out of the trio. Though the chorus to Walk It Talk It is repetitive and arguably draining. Walk It Talk It is where Migos are most comfortable. Walk It is made especially for clubs and is determined to be played at every party over summer. The muffled sample and DJ Mustard inspired production on Gang Gang gives a new cross-over appeal to the trio. Gang Gang could easily become the groups cross-over track due to how radio friendly it is.

In White Sand however the featured artist’s Ty Dolla $ign and Travis Scott own the song in their short but sweet appearances. Open It Up follows in the footsteps of its older sibling Deadz (from C U L T U R E) the two share the same track structure. Open It Up is sure to be a fan favourite. Lead single Motorsport is straight up next where Take off steals the show again with his witting and humorous verse. Nicki Minaj brings back energy and animation that many hip-hop heads would argue we haven’t seen from her since Monster and Lookin’ Ass. Movin’ too fast stands out for its laidback but lit approach. On Notice Me Post Malone’s chorus makes the track. Notice Me follows the same laidback but lit approach seen in Movin’ too fastMade Men is a surprising change from the other album tracks, here the trio trade the heavy-hitting trap beats and synths for a soul sample and slow-paced beat. Made Men is different for the group but here this difference is welcomed and shows versatility. Other standouts include Stir Fry and Supastars.

All in all Culture II delivers to their core fanbase, although a bit lengthy they managed to acquire all the right artists to keep people tuned in. Will I listen to all 24 tracks all again? No, but there are some tracks I would definitely want to hear again.

Stream Culture II below, if you haven’t already.

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