Watch Apple’s New “Homework” Ad For The iPad

new apple ipad homework 670x335 - Watch Apple's New "Homework" Ad For The iPad

Apple has dropped a new ad to introducing the new iPad, its support for Apple Pencil, and how it can be used to benefits a kid’s education.

It features narrator Mark Fenske solemnly reading Jack Prelutsky’s classic poem “Homework! Oh, Homework!” while a class go out into the field and take it on themselves to explore the concept of gravity. After watching them film smashing melons, build bike ramps and simulate tests in augmented reality, the ad finishes with the line “Homework, oh homework. I hate you, you stink” accompanied by a contradicting visual of the proud kids smiling at their day’s work.

“Together the iPad and Apple Pencil turn mundane tasks like homework into a thrilling exploration of inventive imagination,” says Apple.

The new 9.7-inch iPad is similar to the existing 9.7-inch iPad, with identical bezels and a Touch ID sensor, but now has Apple Pencil support, which was previously available on iPad Pro models. It also has education-specific apps, such as Smart Annotation, which allows teachers to mark pages directly, and Froggipedia, which allows students to virtually dissect frogs using the Apple Pencil.

Watch the ad below.

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