Rae Sremmurd “SR3MM”: Review

rae sremmurd sr3mm review - Rae Sremmurd "SR3MM": Review

Rae Sremmurd is back with an new album, not to mention it’s a triple disc album with 27 total songs in total, 9 songs from Swae Lee “Swaecation”, Slim Jxmmi “Jxmtro” and Rae Sremmurd. Based off their track record you already know this album promised some bangers. Shortly after their debut album, it was rumored that Swae Lee was going solo, if you’re unaware of the group Swae Lee is more of a singer and delivers most of the hooks on their records. Slim Jxmmi is a rapper and he likes to spit, not single. That blend of styles influenced the formation of solo albums, a better album than a split.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the two described the approaches the album. Swae Lee said his solo album was “crazy melodic,meanwhile Slim Jxmmi said he “came out spraying” for his proiject because he didn’t want to single like his counterpart Swae. When asked about their decision to gift fans solo projects and a joint Rae Sremmurd album, Jxmmi said: “We wanted to give y’all something different because it’s one side saying, ‘Man, this person should go solo,’ so why don’t we just end the argument and give it to you, and then give you Rae Sremmurd so you can see why we are Rae Sremmurd and who we are as individuals.” Definitely, the two solo albums will be compared but it is predictable non of the solo albums will be better than their joint album.


SR3MM is the first side of the album and it’s packed with some star-studded features. We see the likes of The Weeknd, Juicy J, Travis Scott which would be an easy play for fans.  One thing Rae Sremmurd does with every song is the great production. This album has beats from their producer Mike WiLL Made-It, TM88, Metro Boomin, 30 Roc amongst others. Some songs with amazing beats is “Powerglide”, “Bedtime Stories”, “Close”, and “Buckets”.

“Powerglide”, which is over 5 minutes long is one of the best songs on this album as it leaves us wanting extra verses from Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi.  “T’d Up” is one more interesting song on this album. The quality in the Metro Boomin co produced song prepares it for the charts. Having a catchy chorus and smooth lyricism, the power Swae and Slim  as a duo is a top notch. On the song “42” there is so much life as both artists are playful yet metaphorical with their lyrics. I love The Weeknd’s chorus on “Bedtime Stories” provides a solid foundation for Swae Lee’s vocally engaging verse on the record. The lyrics on the track, Rae Sremmurd presents two stories,  Slim Jxmmi tries to escape falling in love, while Swae Lee wants to fall in love with his girl by saying “Falling in love, not your worst nightmare” .

But on the other end on “Perplexing Pegasus” and “Up In My Cocina”, they struggle to find the perfect rhythm for the beats, making it sound middling.

Firstly, Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee couldn’t have more opposed sounds. For JXMTRO, Slim Jxmmi adopted the southern rap vibe. It’s a solid body of work, and Jxmmi sounds natural here. Business as usual is young boy swag with grown man pressures, trap beats and street wisdom. Mike WiLL Made it produced a majority of this disc, and Slim Jxmmi effortlessly fuses into the beats.

For Swaecation, Swae Lee chose a melodic vibe. His production choices are funk infused, ambient environments that work well with his use of auto tune. Swae gives us an assortment of songs here: Guatemala is a club banger, Heartbreak In Encino Hills is what you’d play laid up with someone, and What’s In Your Heart is alternative R&B.

Lastly, as a duo on SR3MM, the two sides come together. Swae Lee raps, and Slim Jxmmi sing-songs. After hearing their solo albums, the talent of mixing the two forces becomes apparent. Rae Sremmurd is potent because each member has their own wave, and each is made sharper by the other. Since hitting the scene with Mike WiLL in 2013, Rae Sremmurd has been a staple in hip-hop, and SR3MM solidifies their place. Now, with the release of their respective solo albums, Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee expand their territory. The duo has become a cornerstone of hip hop right now and it’s obvious they have no plans of slowing down.


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