“Deadpool 2”: Review

deadpool 2 review - "Deadpool 2": Review

Deadpool is back, the mouth-watering mercenary wins his well-deserved sequel with this Deadpool 2 , a film that this time brings two more characters- key from the comic to the big screen next to its protagonist hero. And the fact that it’s a blockbuster sequel , which usually attracts an even larger audience than the original film, does not mean that Fox thought of changing the censorship of production. So, as with the first film, you can expect a lot of violence, swearing and a pinch of naivety to complete.

What changes, however – and this is really a significant change – is the director’s name. Due to creative differences, Tim Miller left production in October 2016, which led to the hiring of David Leitch , co-director of the great Back to the Game , which kicked off the sensational action franchise John Wick , starring Keanu Reeves ; and also of the recent Atomic Blonde , starring Charlize Theron . My criticisms of both films can be checked right here on the Andreoli Portal. While Miller brought his expertise in visual effects to the first film, Leitch asserts his gifts to action, which makesDeadpool 2 is a less funny and flashy sequence than its predecessor, but it has higher, more complex and even more violent sequences of action.

While Deadpool acts as a source film for the hero, showing how the spy mercenary Wade Wilson is applying for an experimental treatment for to cure cancer and ends up becoming a virtually immortal and thirst-seeking vengeance, Deadpool 2 is used again from a script written by the duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick , and shows the entrance on the scene of another anti-hero, the powerful mutant Cable ( Josh Brolin , none other than mega-villain Thanos, from Avengers: Infinity War). Cable, as well as super physically strong, is also endowed with telekinetic and telepathic powers, and he has just come from the future with the mission to eliminate young Russell ( Julian Dennison , from the comedy The Incredible Adventure of Rick Baker), a mutant boy owner of unimaginable powers. Now it’s up to Deadpool to try to stop Cable and prevent the boy from dying, and for this he relies on his old and new friends, such as members of the newly formed X-Force team.

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Talking more about the plot of Deadpool 2 may deliver some spoilers, especially with regard to connecting the movie with the comics. The film also features the new presence of the mutant mercenary Domino (played by the beautiful Zazie Beetz from the drama Wolves . Like Domino, other new characters from the comics also give the faces, but as with the plot of the film, better not go into details to avoid spoiling some very interesting surprises (although the movie trailers have delivered a lot of them ). From the well-known faces of the first film, the beautiful actress from Rio de Janeiro, Morena Baccarin, in the role of Vanessa, the muse of the protagonist; Negasonic Teenage Warhead ( Brianna Hildebrand ), and of course, the naive Indian taxi driver Dopinder ( Karan Soni , from the thriller Creep 2 , responsible for quite funny moments of production.

Despite a less fluent unfolding than the first film, which practically flies through the eyes of the viewer, Deadpool 2 is also top entertainment. I particularly like the pace and heavy hand of Leitch’s films, and his footprint is felt here. Of course, the “novelty factor” has already gone with the first copy of the franchise, such as the breaking of the fourth wall (narrative artifice used so that the protagonist can “talk” with his audience), but still, the sequence sounds always original, without dipping into the sameness that permeates the genre of superheroes, in addition to continuing to present some hilarious gags (the scene in which Wade mentions the dark DC movies, for example, is a pearl).

Speaking of Wade, the show in Deadpool 2 is once again Reynolds, completely inspired and at ease on paper. It is impossible to imagine another actor embodying the cynical and lethal character. Brolin, another avowed actor, also employs his usual competence and reliability, and it is no surprise that the actor plays two great super villains (well, one super villain and one not so bad) in two Marvel superheroes released in less than one month, which is an achievement for a few.

In short, Deadpool 2 keeps the mouth-watering mercenary out of the cliches and the tiresome narrative sameness of the MCU and other superhero movie labels that already show signs of exhaustion. The film could in some brief moments be a little more “light” and relaxed in a more conventional way (the hero’s excess of irony and sarcasm tires a little), but in a world where the politically correct mimimi became unbearable, Deadpool ends up being the hero we need nowadays. Good.

Ah! Do not leave the theater before the final credits.

Deadpool 2 debuts this Friday, May 18th. Watch the latest trailer below.

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