Donald Glover Could Be In “Black Panther 2”

donald glover black panther 2 - Donald Glover Could Be In "Black Panther 2"

According to Metro UK, the director of Black Panther Ryan Coogler has contacted Donald Glover to offer him a role in the sequel to the film that just passed the billion dollar box office milestone a few weeks ago. As a reminder, Donald Glover worked secretly on the script of Black Panther where he added some funny jokes and lines of dialogue. The creator of the Atlanta series could this time pass the camera and take a leading role in the sequel of the Marvel smash hit. A source close to the Metro UK stated: “One of the characters of this second film, if all goes well, will be played by Childish Gambino”

Nothing is confirmed yet but discussions are currently underway between Ryan Coogler, Donald Glover and Marvel representatives to see if this idea can succeed. ” Metro UK also claims that Michael B. Jordan, the excellent villain Killmonger, could return to the cast, despite the death of his character at the end of the first installment. Right now it’s just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed, but keep it locked for more information.

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