Donald Glover Reveals His Favourite Kendrick Lamar Album

donald glover favorite kendrick lamar album - Donald Glover Reveals His Favourite Kendrick Lamar Album

At the beginning of the short video, Donald Glover had to choose between the Beatles, Migos and Elvis Presley and his answer was in favor of the Atlanta trio. He explains his choice by stating: “Migos is a local band for me, they come from my hometown (Atlanta, Ed) and I have always listened to them”. Donald Glover had also declared last year that he considers them as “the Beatles of this generation”

Glover then had to choose Kendrick Lamar’s best album among Good Kid, Mr.A.A.D City, To Pimp a Butterfly and of course, DAMN. He confesses that for him, To Pimp a Butterfly is a “classic” before adding “there are several good songs and it has a purpose, but it’s like DAMN. condensed all that into one cohesive thing. ” The artist is thus in the camp of the last album of Kung Fu Kenny. Donald Glover also had to choose between Biggie, Tupac and JAY-Z or between Prince, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber.

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