“Deadpool 2” Cut Out A Post-Credit “Fantastic 4” Scene

deadpool 2 chris evans michael b jordan unfilmed end credit scene 001 - "Deadpool 2" Cut Out A Post-Credit "Fantastic 4" Scene

According to the latest statements by the writers of Deadpool 2, it seems that the film had rather big plans for the Fantastic Four, although they never materialized.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have in fact revealed that they were planning to bring back the Fantastic Four of 2015 for a post-credit scene but things did not go the right way. The desire to bring Chris Evans back as the previous Human Torch was perhaps confirmed for a fun scene to share with Michael B. Jordan.

We wrote a scene with Chris Evans, not like Captain America, but as Human Torch. And then we wrote another scene in which there were all the fantastic 4 of 2015, including Michael B. Jordan also in the role of Torcia Umana, for a sort of balance of accounts to the visit of Chris Evans.

According to the authors, those scenes were written but never turned. During a chat with Uproxx, the couple said they had discarded Evans cameo.

There were several that we considered. There were discussions about the X-Force and one about Chris Evans as Human Torch.

Oh, why did not it happen? It would have been great.

Wernick: I know …

Chris Evans said no?

Reese: No, no, we never went beyond the preliminary discussions.Someone had the ideas that we actually made for the film and we thought it was better this way in the end.

Deadpool director 2 , David Leitch, has confirmed that a new cut of the film is currently under development with the collaboration of the lead actor and producer of the film Ryan Reynolds. Leitch explained that the extended version is all right and expects Fox to release it, but not before Reynolds, along with screenwriters Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick, have a say.

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