Sony In Talks To Release A Playstation Classic Console

sony playstation classic release - Sony In Talks To Release A Playstation Classic Console

Sony will be taking a page from Nintendo, with the company in talks to release a PlayStation Classic console. Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO John Kodera spoke earlier with Mantan Web(translated by ComicBook), referring to Nintendo and it’s strategy to release both the NES Classic and SNES classic consoles that was a huge success for them.  Sony is getting ready to launch a possibility of a Play Station 1 with retro titles that could have great nostalgia for people but can have roadblocks due to limited access to various technology.

When asked to comment on the potential move, Kodera had the following to say:

“Our company is always digging up past assets.”

“I think there are various ways to do (a classic console). There have been discussions happening (within the company) on what kind of ways are there.”

Stay tned for more information.

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