Planet Aviation’s Artist of The Week: Top Gunna

tg birdy 1000w 2 - Planet Aviation's Artist of The Week: Top Gunna

Representing the growing Hip-Hop group “Dnt Get Close” (DGC), East Toronto’s Top Gunna is someone you should be paying attention too. He has always had a consistent amount of music being released and he is starting to really peak with his signature flow. Top Gunna is close friend with Toronto street rap legend Roney, who has always been a legend in the original Toronto rap scene. DGC have always been one of the most respected squad of rappers in Toronto for many years.

Here you can listen to Top Gunna’s video for his newest song “Got The Drop”, which has reached over 100 000 views in only 2 weeks.

He really showcases the slang and the way people in the city talk, which is what makes people from Toronto very sovereign. This song has been considered one TG’s best track so far, but we believe he hasn’t even started yet. Make sure you stay up-to-date with our instagram stories this week as we will be showcasing Top Gunna all week.

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