Cover Art For Kayne West and Kid Cudi’s “Kids See Ghosts”

The highly anticipated Kid Cudi x Kayne West album is right around the corner. Today Kid Cudi released the official artwork for the joint-album. The artwork is highly aesthetic, showing Japanese highlights. The use of psychedelic drugs seems to have some influence into the creation of the artwork, especially after Kayne mentioned the use of the highly-powerful psychedelic DMT on the song “Yikes” which was on his newest album “ye”.

If you are a Kayne or Cudi fan, there is no reason you should not be anticipating the release of this album, it should have some of the most unique and in depth content both artists have released to date.

Keep updated with our Instagram and website as we will be posting any updated content on the release as it rolls out.

De 0gFFUcAArBac - Cover Art For Kayne West and Kid Cudi's "Kids See Ghosts"

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