Georrge Oliver Releases The “Passport Tee”

IMG 2483 - Georrge Oliver Releases The "Passport Tee"

Modeled by: Alex Cacioppo

Upon a while of anxious anticipation, the fabled clothing designer from Chicago, Georrge Oliver releases the PASSPORT TEE from his latest collection. Georrge Oliver has been known to do some highly-sought after collaborations, including a pair of cargo pants with rapper Bones and his line of TeamSesh clothing.  Georrge Oliver is known to not use many colours in the limited amount of pieces he has released, and likes to keep his aesthetic very dark.

IMG 2485 - Georrge Oliver Releases The "Passport Tee"

The shirt includes a jet black colour tee with a simple, yet ominous graphic of a face with the word PASSPORT on the top.  You can shop for the shirt and some other pieces from his latest collection Here.  


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