Planet Aviation’s Artists of the Week: 365

In this age of hyper-saturated social media, a gorged line-up of wanna-be rappers, and culture who appreciates clout rather than true talent, it’s relatively difficult to stand out. But in an dying  industry of real hip-hop in Toronto, there are few that that make it above the surface and when we can find a pulse of true talent we need to let our true hip-hop fans know who is worth their time. So this week’s Artist of the Week is a group of rappers from Toronto, which is a first for this segment on Planet Aviation.

IMG 2561 1 - Planet Aviation's Artists of the Week: 365

Coming from the heart of the Toronto streets, the group “365”. They are a collective brotherhood of young emerging artists who are coming onto the scene very quickly and is taking the Toronto rap scene by surprise.  Consisting of 7 fabled artists 365 is slowly emerging their way to success. After a long anticipation, they just released their latest project entitled “Before The Storm EP”, which you can listen to on their Spotify below.

This project is a short but sweet six track EP that highlights exactly what this crew is capable of. The 365 gang is labeled with 7 rappers:

Young Dirty

Jell Money


365 KG


Swaggy P


who all feature on the album and each bring their own touch of genuine Toronto sound to amplify this album. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter to view exclusive content of their music.

IMG 2565 1 - Planet Aviation's Artists of the Week: 365

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