We Take an In-Depth Look at The Benjamin Bros.® ///B6Stripes Brand

Starting in 2015, The Benjamin Bros. is an American based streetwear brand who have been pushing high quality and very casual apparel to customers globally. They’re core focus is on the quality of their threads. They recently added a collection of shirts to their webstore, which is selling very rapidly. The overall aesthetic for the brand is very important to the owners and have successfully developed a very professional overall look and message, which channels throughout the entire brand.


IMG 2760 - We Take an In-Depth Look at The Benjamin Bros.® ///B6Stripes Brand

The Benjamin Bro’s brand clearly defines the difference between merchandise and apparel. In an oversaturated market of fake-visionaries developing merchandise-based clothing brands, Benajmin Bro’s crosses the line and have established themselves as truly apparel-based. They have a true love for clothing, which came from wanting to be fly, be tight with girls, & just overall being ahead and clean in the game.

From their street-sense knowledge, they understood from an early age that if they wanted too see real dollars then they had to make their own hustle. Developing the highest of quality threads knew to the developers it is what added the most value to their limited quantity of products.

qh1nJwVP - We Take an In-Depth Look at The Benjamin Bros.® ///B6Stripes Brand

///B6Stripes are next up. They are playing on the popular ///B6 logo and sharing further how we perceive their brand and delivering more dreams & obsessions with BMW M series style. Their perception is robust, so they’re delivering all types of content to get the attention & they’re still keeping everything vertical. Every photographic idea developed from this brand are exclusively done by the creators who developed the vision for the ///B6STRIPES.

When asked what separates them from the other competitors in the streetwear apparel market they replied:

“Consistent steps & sales as an independent manufacturer & label has proven to be the biggest difference. A lot of times people lose interest in their products and in turn abandon them. We chose to change it up each time we reached that plateau. NVRFOLD was our motto for 4 years – meaning we were not stopping”

We expect a lot of innovative and fresh designs to come to surface with this brand, and they will never stop growing. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels, as we will be covering any news from this brand. Make sure to check out their webstore Twitter. 

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