Planet Aviation’s Artist of the Week: Dom Von Go

We live in such an oversaturated hip-hop market, people are basing their career off of the likes of what is popular. They fail to realise the fact they need to stand out and be remarkable enough to get heard. This is why this week’s Artist of the Week is an artist who stands out from most of the other rappers who have been on this feature before. Most people are not fans of hardcore, dark hiphop, but the people who are fans are very loyal and enjoy every end of this genre.

Originating from Maryland, USA. Rapper Dom Von Go (Afro Samurai)  is someone who should be on your watchlist. With underground roots, Dom Von Go shows roots from music like $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, & Ghostemane, his music has very similar dark-tones as these artists. He has been making music for over 5 years, and grew up with his uncle influencing him to make music, which he has been consistently. Just recently his music is starting to take off, and we expect him to grow very large.

Be sure to keep posted with our blog as we will be posting more of Dom Von Go’s music as more is released. Follow his Soundcloud & Instagram

IMG 2818 - Planet Aviation's Artist of the Week: Dom Von Go





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